Full Steam

Act I, Scenes 3 & 4

Scene 3 – The Drunken Sow, in dock on the Thames

The party arrive at The Drunken Sow and find Spanner already waiting for them. She has been hired by Gregory too. He provided her with a piece of wood from the hull of The Vigilance, which she has used to construct a compass that will point towards the ship. It is now installed on the bridge of The Sow.

Also on board are Captain Chow Feng, and a group of five dead-eyed crewman who do not engage with the visitors. Chow Feng sees that Darwin is injured (a bullet wound) and takes him below to treat him. Steamy B also goes below.

While the others are getting acquainted, and just as the ship is about to set off, a man who looks just like Steamy B arrives and boards the ship. He claims the first Steamy B is an imposter. There is confusion, and both Steamy Bs come face to face. A fight breaks out, and copies of Pingu and Darwin also board the ship.

During the fight, Pingu is knocked overboard (he re-enters the ship in dramatic fashion), Steamy B does significant damage to the ship (much to Chow Feng’s disapproval) and one of the crewmen is knocked over, revealing him to be grogged.

The Darwin and Steamy B duplicates are killed, and Spanner pins the Pingu duplicate to the floor violently. Each of them reverts to another appearance, some deceptive magic failing them (with the exception of the Darwin who was just a dinosaur in a coat and hat).

The Pingu duplicate (Danny) is interrogated (waterboarded by Steamy B with a ghost instead of water). He reveals that he is part of the Order of the Onyx, and works for someone called Moltar. They were to find The Vigilance, and bring its cargo (which he claims not to know the details of) to Belfast.

Scene 4 – Below decks, The Drunken Sow

The party, Captain Chow Feng, and Ricardo the pigeon exchange stories.

Earlier Steamy B had released a ghost named Salty B, and had him possess on of the grogged crewmen. Salty B had expressed discomfort with the idea of grogging. The ship begins rocking unexpectedly and Chow Feng goes upstairs to see what is happening. The others join him and find the crewmen lying dead on the deck, their chest cavities open, and their life-sustaining grog spilling out around them.

Act I, Scenes 1 & 2

Act I – “The Vigilance”

Scene 1 – Gregory Von Splendiliff’s lavish apartment, London

Darwin, Steamy B and Pingu are unknown to each other. They are contacted by Gregory and asked to come to his apartment, where he offers them a mission for the government. Although they will be paid for the job, he also has some leverage over each of them which makes it hard to say no.

The Vigilance, a ship bound for Sweden with a secret cargo has gone missing. They are to follow her course and discover what happened, and return the cargo. They will travel on board The Drunken Sow under a Captain Chow Feng.

To test their preparedness, Gregory attacks the trio, and they incapacitate him.

Scene 2 – The carriage

They make their way to the docks by triceratops-drawn carriage, but soon learn that the cabbie has been replaced by some enemy. He takes them to an out of the way alley, and he is joined by three accomplices.

There is a fight. Darwin kills two (1. stabbed with umbrella sword 2. ate enemy’s head) and Pingu kills a third (riding atop the triceratops, impaled on horns). The third is close to death (burned by Steamy’s flammable ghost gas) and Pingu interrogates him.

He says that they were to intercept them and send a signal (a bright red homing pigeon named Ricardo) to impostors waiting at the docks, who would replace them on board The Drunken Sow. Pingu kills him (stabbed).

They take the pigeon, Steamy captures the soul of the ringleader, they give the triceratops directions to Scotland (where he might roam free), and they set off again for the docks.


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