Gregory Von Splendiliff

Opium den proprietor, discrete agent of Her Majesty Queen Victoria, 2-tonne Clockwork Man.


Sebastien Von Splendiliff made his fortune operating brothels and opium dens around London. In his later years he grew distrustful of various advisors, staff, servants, acquaintances, passers-by… and became determined to run his entire operation on his own. He fired many of his staff, and an unhappy few (coincidentally those with the most intimate knowledge of his business interests) met untimely ends due to a series of unlikely accidents.

Von Splendiliff commissioned a Clockwork Man who would be unfailingly loyal as well as a powerful enforcer and protector. He named the creation “Gregory”.

Several months later, Sebastien himself met with an unfortunate accident when, alone in his house, he impaled himself with a cue while practicing billiards, and collapsed through a concrete wall, doing significant structural damage to the building. Gregory aided the police in their enquiries, being particularly helpful to those he had met as a doorman at Von Splendiliff’s businesses.

There was much surprise when Von Splendiliff’s will named Gregory as the sole heir to his estate. So touched was Gregory by the gesture that he took the man’s surname to honour his memory.

Since then, Gregory has excelled as a businessman, and made many contacts in the highest and lowest echelons of society.

Gregory Von Splendiliff

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