Carrier pigeon


Ricardo is a red carrier pigeon (his colour indicating he comes from pigeon’s bred by The Royal Mail).

While on a delivery to Paris, he met a sparrow named Angelita under a table at a cafe, and she introduced him to Marxist philosophy. After a night of bird-on-bird passion, he returned to the Royal Mail pigeonry in Bristol. Inspired by Angelita’s words, he tried to set up a union, and was promptly fired.

With no job and no home, he went to Paris and tried to find Angelita only to discover that she had been killed by a bourgeois cat named Juan Carlos Estevez de Sevilla. Ricardo swore revenge on the cat and set about plotting an elaborate revenge.

Ricardo has turned to a life of shady dealings and suspect deliveries, in order to accumulate enough money for his final act of vengeance.


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