Mechromancer/ Gearmage (disparaging - Junkfiddler)


Nyd a4


Born in Mecha Bruges to a family of Recycler/Junk merchants, Mechromancer Spanner (Karen Fisher) showed an aptitude for tinkering at an early age. Unable to afford tuition in the prestigious Mechromancer School of the Katholik University in Leuven, Spanner moved to the town to work as a mechanic. While there she worked part time as a custodian in the university but was fired for dismantling some of the older relics and artifacts and forgetting to reassemble them.

She has a natural flair for mechromancy but has no formal training and general unawareness of the potential dangers involved.

She has two mechanical companions. The lovable gear bunny Hare Trigger which she built as a child and the less lovable mechanical wasp Killswitch, which she built as an angsty teenager.
Her mechnanical companions are animated by a magical spark and can be disassembled and reassembled as needed but not replicated.

She is fun, playful, and helpful but has difficulties in respecting property rights and privacy. She tends to help herself to any mechanical item feeling that all invention is in the public domain.

Her main Mechromancy skills lie in the field of Elemental Pneumatics but she does also have interests in Quantum Illusion and Propulsion.

She is currently single. (she tends to be clingy – her ex left her because the mechanical spiders were literally too clingy)


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